Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday July 19, 2011

I'm glad I'm here. My comp was telling me even though we are not the most baptizing mission in the world, we have the most retentions. So the people stay in the church, when I think about it like that is so much happier to see that the people I teach and baptize, wont only change there life for that little bit then fall away again, but to think that these people's lives will forever be changed because I was there to let the Lord change their lives. Its pretty cool. Juan is so awesome, he said he is thinking about going on a mission. I really cant think of a better missionary than the one that Juan would be. Everyone loves Juan and he loves them, so you know on the mission that will only be multiplied and he would change so many peoples lives. (Juan is a friend from home who Mason baptized) I am working as hard as I can. We live on this huge hill and we have to walk our bikes up it every night because there is no way we could ride it all the way up. Because we are both new to the area so we have to go everywhere to see everyone that we can.
Love elder urmston

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