Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday July 26, 2011

It is crazy when people you're teaching a lesson to don't realize all that Christ went through, until you tell them and those are always good lessons. This area is cool, my comp is great. We are still getting totally used to the area because we are both new but we have a lot of lessons set up. Hopefully they all go through this week because last week we had some cancellations, but its alright the area is actually hotter then i thought it was going to be here and the bike i got one at a yard sale for ten bucks and then rode around for like a week had the back axle break on it, but we were walking home and this lady ran out of her house and asked us if or bike was broken and then she had her son work on the bike so three hours later with two new wheels, a new tube, two new tires, a little rack to put your backpack on, and the bike was in good shape. It is amazing how things happen and you know they are blessings, it is pretty sweet. The hill we have to ride up to go home, we can make it up it, but we only do it when we haven't rode our bikes all over town that day because usually by the end of the day we are pretty tired. One of the pairs of shoes is already destroyed. We have been trying to do a lot of work, we have three baptisms set up for next month and we have two more that we just need to set a date for and then a family of 5 that the dad is working on a Word of Wisdom problem and then they will be ready to be baptized. The area is pretty great.
love elder urmston

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